Approx. 30 minutes

Game type

Shooter Cooperative

for ages


Fight to survive

The Zombies Are Approaching

This is Outbreak: a post-apocalyptic world where every day is a fight for your life. A mysterious virus has turned most of the population into flesh-eating zombies. You're one of the remaining survivors. And you'll want to stay that way.

Take back the cure

A ruthless enemy has stolen the only cure. It's up to you and your crew to get it back. But with zombies awaiting you at every turn, it won't be easy. Run through underground sewers, flee to a rooftop, creep along perilous heights, and fight back with your weapon of choice.

race against time

Battle to survive through 10 hair-raising environments. Keep a tight grip on your nerves – and your weapons – as you navigate pitch-black sewers, scurry across high-rise rooftops and shoot your way through walls of flesh-eating foes, towards a final epic boss battle.

so real, it's scary

No cables or backpacks to slow you down. Terrifyingly real graphics. Leave reality behind and escape to this zombie infested dystopian metropolis. The battle for humanity just got bigger - and your heartbeat that much louder.

look alive, it's time to kill some zombies